To the editor:

Aren't we lucky to have a local paper locally owned? Would a paper owned by a large, out-of-town corporation have done the unbiased, careful reporting that our Eagle has done about the controversy regarding the Berkshire Museum's selling its art? Our paper has given space to all views and all voices and has even gone to the trouble of investigating the history of the museum's new vision plan in South Carolina. Thank you, Berkshire Eagle!

I would also like to thank oped columnists Kevin Sprague ("An appeal to Berkshire Museum's board," The Eagle, Oct. 26) and Barbara Palmer ("Thoughts on the Berkshire Museum tragedy," The Eagle, Oct. 28) who presented the reasons for their being against the sale of the art works in a cogent, knowledgeable and respectful manner.

When I saw the list of paintings to be auctioned and saw that Thomas Moran's painting The Last Arrow was on that list, I felt as if a dear friend were to be sold. This is a painting that I had to see every time I went to the museum. As for Alexander Calder, I didn't have appreciation for abstract art until I saw his work in the museum and suddenly a veil of ignorance dropped from in front of my eyes. I remember that I laughed aloud!

My hope is that future Berkshire generations will also be able to view and enjoy this memorable art.

Steffi Fletcher,