Cannabis panel developing product catalog

Cannabis regulators are beginning to compile a catalog of the myriad marijuana products available to adults at the state's pot shops and expect they will soon require product manufacturers and retailers to provide detailed information on all of their products.

To the editor:

Attention residents of the neighborhood surrounding Allengate, Dalton and Plastics avenues, as well as any Pittsfield resident who is concerned about any more marijuana in our city. There is a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. about another marijuana cultivation site to be built.

Their plans are to tear down Ken's Bowl and build a two-story, 100,000-square-foot cultivation site. Please read the abutter notifications for the meeting, which can be found here: The fifth one is for KO Resources LLC. Please follow directions and attend this meeting and/or contact the Zoning Board to voice your opinion.

They are trying to amend the first special permit for the three-story building right on Dalton Avenue and add to that permit a two-story cultivation plant. This is a business district, and by business it should mean businesses any person can go in and out of. No more light-industrial buildings or special permits should be allowed off a main street in Pittsfield for marijuana cultivation.

They are putting too much marijuana in one place. This is the third building that they want to put on one piece of property. They have sales, still building the three-story growing building, and now an even larger two-story growing building. We need to speak up. This building will have a bigger and taller footprint than what is there now. We need to see how the first three-story building affects the neighborhood before another one goes up.

Charlene Wehry,