To the editor:

I am a single parent, part-time security guard, part-time college student, part-time novice in local politics, and a full-time philosopher and woman of action — so that we can as a society do better for us and our children. Which brings me to the Berkshire Museum.

I have read many articles on its decision to sell artwork so in essence the museum can change and move forward with the times and also stay open. I exhort the people of Pittsfield and surrounding towns to stand with me and my children to approve and support it.

We need change here, especially geared towards our children. This will be nothing but an asset for everyone. My children already bug me many times a week to go to the museum. Imagine if there were much more for them to do and learn. I believe in nurturing my children in the sciences, because — like it or not — without science we wouldn't have a quarter of the things we have today.

This is only one of many issues in Pittsfield that could lead us to a more conducive environment for our youngsters, for it is they who will inherit our great deeds and mistakes. Let this be a positive for this city. If there is one thing that I have learned in the last seven years I've lived here is this: Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Kate Lauzon,