To the editor:

In a letter to the editor on June 20, Paul Brazie accused Thomas Gilardi of violating at least three of the "prohibitive categories" established by The Eagle for letters to the editor: No violation of good taste, no libelous accusations, no ad hominem attacks. His letter demonstrated none of these violations.

I suggest Mr. Brazie review the following quotes from actual letters that I have saved and am citing. You found his letter "offensive to many in the community." Where was your outrage over THESE blatant violations of the left-wing Eagle's standards when these were published? And why does The Eagle not enforce its own rules?

* "Trump is simply a lousy human being, not fit to clean horse stalls." — John Richards. Ad hominem attack? Violation of good taste?

* " Commander-in-Chief General Bone Spurs, a draft dodger has a rich daddy who had a doctor on his payroll. A yellow-bellied coward who would have sprinted away from gunfire" (at Parkland school shooting) — Arne Waldstein. Ad hominem attack? Libelous statements? (Beyond the pale, Arne.)

* "Burn the flag that Trump molested at the CPAC convention." — Jamie Larkin. (Really? Flag burning?)

* "Our cheeseburger-eating, television-watching, golf-playing, part-time president. A mob boss in the White House. Must remove this crime family from the White House. Trump has to go. Whatever it takes: armed forces, revolution, insane asylum." — Charles Steinhacker. Libelous. Suggestion of violence? (Great ideas, Charles. How about just removing him via ballot box in 2020?)

* "Ouster of the current criminal administration and its infantile, narcissistic, criminal president." — Christine Jordan. Libelous? Ad hominem attack?

* "Trump has proven himself to be a great liar, a ranting toddler, and a disgrace of a human being."— Leon Serre. Ad hominem attack? Poor taste?

* "Idiot-in-chief spoiled brat in the White House." — Amy Renak. Ad hominem attack?

* "We have an illegitimate and tainted president who stole the election by deceit and fraud." — Bob Rosen. Libelous? (Can you prove this assertion, Bob?)

* "Trump, when a child, needed psychotherapy He might still benefit from some reputable form of psychotherapy." — Len Kates. (Reading a manual by the American Psychiatric Association does not qualify you to diagnose the president as having Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Len.) Libelous?

* "I believe [Trump] is in the early stages of dementia." — Joseph Casella. (Another wannabe psychiatrist?)

The suggested idea to deal with Stockbridge Bowl pollution: "Throw President Trump into Stockbridge Bowl and see what happens." — Jim Andersen. ( FYI, Jim, it's a felony to even jest about harming the president. Beware. Secret Service might knock on your door.)

As a frequent letter writer, I always present facts that are documented, and opinions that are respectfully and politely stated. With a volatile election season already in progress, I would recommend all letter writers refrain from the kind of journalistic violations cited above. I suggest the left-wing Eagle's editorial board enforce its own rules to promote intelligent, unemotional, factual discourse regardless of the writer's political position.

Judith Belanger,