To the editor:

I've always liked the word, "asset." It has a positive ring to it. If you have assets, then that's a good thing. But here in 2019 the word has suddenly taken on a negative connotation. If the president of the United States is an asset of our enemy, then the word becomes sinister and dangerous. It is totally outrageous that Trump would have long conversations with Putin with no one else in the room other than an interpreter. But to then confiscate and destroy the interpreter's notes is beyond belief. He listens to no one in what's left of his cabinet. He is running our government like the dictators he so admires. And his lapdog Republican senators, his enablers, back every one of his cockamamie ideas. There are even rumors that Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh will be moving into the White House. I wonder what their titles will be.

Having previously thought that we were living in a democracy, I find it inconceivable that a few persons seem to have all the power. Putting Trump aside for the moment, Mitch McConnell rules his senators with an iron fist. He simply decides what he'll allow them to even vote on. It's hard to believe that our Founding Fathers had that in mind when they created the senate. I thought the senate was to be a check on the executive. Do you remember when we had three co-equal branches of government?

The Justice Department used to be the top cop in the land whose job it was to protect the American people. Of course, that has all changed in the Trump administration where the attorney general is chosen by the POTUS to protect him. Here again, William Barr, the soon-to-be-attorney general of the Justice Department, has the power to disregard the Ethics Committee should it recommend that he recuse himself after having sent a letter to Trump's attorneys in which he made it clear that a sitting president is basically above the law. Barr also declared that he may not share Mueller's report with Congress and the American people. How did we ever get to this absurdity where Fox News, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mitch McConnell and William Barr seem to be running the country?

As Trump gets ever more cornered, there's no telling what he might do. So the question becomes at what point do the senate Republicans begin to stand up to the criminal in the White House. I think they will change their tune as their own elections approach. Then it will be everyone for himself in an effort to keep the "club" representing the special interests.

People are starting to leave our country. They've had enough of our downward spiral. They are seeking political asylum in countries like Canada, New Zealand etc. On the other hand, despite Trump's lies, immigration into the United States is at a 20-year low. By whatever means, Donald Trump must be "redacted" from the Oval Office.

Charles Steinhacker,

Great Barrington