To the editor:

Several years ago, an individual with whom I had a political disagreement sent me a copy of a very cruel and personal letter he claimed to have sent to The Berkshire Eagle for publication. The idea was to expose to our neighbors my "irresponsible" way of thinking. I never responded, but just bit my tongue and thought to myself: "It's in your hands Lord." The Berkshire Eagle never did publish that letter, and I just assumed it crossed the line of civility and served no value to the readers.

Sadly, today, July 8, the Berkshire Eagle published a letter by an individual from Monterey who personally attacked James Taylor in a way that I feel crossed the line and served no value to the readers. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our kind neighbor James Taylor for the immeasurable contributions he's made in support of Tanglewood and the Berkshires year in and year out, and also to tell him that the only elephant in the room under the shed on July 4 was a person too filled with self-righteous rage to understand the healing value of great music.

James Massery,