To the editor:

I have been a supporter of Maura Healey since she became attorney general. I will continue to support her, but not in the Berkshire Museum decision.

In 1967, I was fortunate enough to study legal theory for a year under Dr. Michael O. Sawyer at Syracuse University (a guy from Delaware, Joe Biden, was there too.) I understand the concept of cy pres, but it is not relevant here because there are other ways to protect the Rockwell legacy. Sell the other works with no connection to the Berkshires, have fundraisers, postpone building renovations and do only routine maintenance and postpone the yet unexplained "new vision."

We the people elect the attorney general, she works for us. There were charges of conflict of interest and violations of the Open Meeting Law. We the people have a right to know. Why did she change her mind? It's OK to do an about face if one has good reason to do so. Ms. Healey ows us an explanation.

And why was this decision made against all the advice of professionals in the arts and museum worlds? We the people have a right to know.

Robert Gorden,