To the editor:

I'm sure if you read the Berkshire Eagle you will be familiar with the problems and controversy the Berkshire Museum has encountered in announcing its intention to monetize its masterpieces of French Impressionism, the Hudson River School and its Rockwells by sending these treasures off to Sotheby's in order to save itself . If I may float an idea, Williams College should take over the venerable Berkshire Museum, including these treasures. Williams gains a bride that comes with an inspiring, authentic and valuable dowry, and the public has a museum in safekeeping.

If Mass MoCA could grow from an idea into what it is today on the basis of endowments, grants and donations, for the life of me I cannot fathom why the Berkshire Museum is in such dire straits as to force the immediate sale of its irreplaceable treasures.

Just wondering if there could be a miracle match made in Berkshire heaven.

B. Lobovits, MD,