MONTEREY — A man was found dead in Lake Buel on Friday evening, after a friend who he was supposed to meet by boat reported him missing earlier in the day.

Richard Schroeder, 80, a second-home owner whose cottage is in the Laurel Banks area of the lake, was reported missing about 1 p.m., after going to his dock to take his boat to meet his friend, according to Monterey Police Chief Gareth Backhaus.

"We're still not sure exactly what happened," Backhaus said. "We don't know if he ever got on his boat."

Schroeder's boat was found drifting, and his body was found about 10 feet away from the dock by a member of the Monterey Fire Department, Backhaus added.

The 4:15 p.m. call to responders set off a search-and-rescue operation, and Schroeder was found about 6:30 p.m.

Backhaus said he did not know where Schroeder's full-time residence is.

A spokesman for the Berkshire District Attorney's Office said the death appears to be accidental, but investigators are awaiting autopsy results. DA spokesman Andrew McKeever said there were no apparent signs of other injuries.

Responders to the search and rescue included the Monterey Fire Department, the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office dive team, Southern Berkshire Ambulance and state police investigators attached to the DA's office.

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