OUI arrest in Adams nets illegal handgun, arrest of Pittsfield men

This loaded handgun was found in a vehicle that was impounded after an OUI arrest in Adams early Monday. Two Pittsfield men were arrested.

ADAMS — Two Pittsfield men were held without bond Monday when they were arraigned on weapons charges in Northern Berkshire District Court.David Moody, 28, and Miguel Estrella, 20, are both facing charges related to a loaded 9 mm Taurus semiautomatic pistol police say they found during a midnight traffic stop in Adams on Sunday.They were arrested on charges of carrying a firearm without a license, carrying a firearm with a defaced serial number and carrying ammunition without a firearms identification card. Moody, who was driving, is also facing charges of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, speeding, negligent operation of as motor vehicle and carrying a firearm with three prior violent/drug crimes.Also found in the car were 10 bottles of Corona, some empty, and two bottles of Hennessy, one of them empty.The Berkshire District Attorney's office is seeking to hold both due to dangerousness, which will be determined during a hearing set for today (Wednesday).In its filing, the DA's office noted that there is "clear and convincing evidence that no condition of release will reasonably assure the safety of the named victim and the community."In the arraignment report, police allege that while awaiting booking, Moody threatened Estrella if he did not agree to accept the blame for having a gun in the car. A short time later, after denying knowledge of the gun, Estrella told police it was his, although he couldn't name the brand or caliber, nor did he know if it was loaded.Moody is currently on probation and has a previous record, which includes assault on a family member, carrying a gun without a permit, assault and battery, vandalism, resisting arrest and assault and battery with a knife.He was also the victim of a Pittsfield shooting in October, when he was wounded in the leg.