Pittsfield traffic stop reveals DA Harrington had suspended license

Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington, shown during a February news conference at her office, was driving with a suspended license when she was pulled over Sept. 1 in Pittsfield. Her license, which had been suspended for failing to respond to a speeding citation in New York state in 2019, has since been reinstated.

PITTSFIELD — Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington's driver's license had been suspended for more than nine months when she was pulled over on Election Day by a city police officer for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Her driving record, a public record that was obtained by The Eagle, shows that her license was suspended because she did not answer to what appears to be a speeding ticket in New York state.

The suspension began Nov. 24, 2019, and was cleared and her license restored on Sept. 4, according to documents obtained from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. It stemmed from a traffic violation in the town of Clinton in Dutchess County on June 10, 2019, according to the New York state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Her license was still under suspension on Tuesday, Sept. 1, when she was pulled over.

A city police officer stopped Harrington at 2:39 p.m. after spotting her driving in the wrong direction on Gordon Street, according to Lt. Gary Traversa, a spokesman for the Pittsfield Police Department. Gordon Street is one way between Elm and Deming streets.

Records indicate that Harrington was driving a "rental or fleet vehicle," Traversa said in an email.

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Police Chief Michael Wynn could not be reached for comment.

Harrington did not respond to calls and messages left Tuesday seeking comment. Her spokesman also did not respond to The Eagle's request after saying he would inquire about the matter.

It is unclear how Harrington resolved the suspension, and the amount of fines paid.

For a first offense, penalties for a criminal conviction of driving with a suspended license can include up to 10 days in jail, fines of up to $1,000, or both.

Harrington was elected Berkshire district attorney in 2018, and sworn in on Jan. 2, 2019. Heather Bellow can be reached at hbellow@berkshireeagle.com or on Twitter @BE_hbellow and 413-329-6871.