NORTH ADAMS — A Pittsfield man allegedly broke into a city woman's apartment and began cleaning it Thursday while in a confused state.

Acting on reports that the man had a knife, North Adams Police arrested 33-year-old Mitchell Sayers at gunpoint after he allegedly entered a Mohawk Forest Boulevard home, took off his shoes and emptied a cat's litter box.

Police initially responded to a report that a man was chasing a 26-year-old city woman on Mohawk Forest Boulevard shortly after 7 p.m.

Officers met the victim outside her apartment, where Sayers was still inside. Officers were led to believe Sayers might be in possession of a knife, so they entered the apartment with guns drawn, according to the criminal complaint filed Friday by North Adams Police Officer Kevin Stant.

Sayers came out of the kitchen with his hands in the air and was ordered to the ground, and placed in handcuffs by officers.

Police did not find a knife when they searched Sayers, and he denied possessing one. Police described Sayers as "not making much sense with his statements."

The victim told police her apartment doors were unlocked when Sayers entered. She said Sayers was not welcome in her apartment and accused him of making sexually suggestive comments to her, which prompted her to alert neighbors.

The victim later clarified that the allegation that Sayers had a knife was made incorrectly because of an "error in communication" among neighbors.

The report does not make clear whether the victim and Sayers knew each other.

Sayers was arraigned Monday on single counts of breaking and entering for a misdemeanor and disturbing the peace.

He was released by Judge William Rota on personal recognizance. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Jan. 21.

As a condition of his release, Sayers must stay away from the Mohawk Forest Boulevard apartment.

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