Robin Anish: Make dalgona, the whipped coffee drink everyone is trying

Dalgona is a whipped coffee drink that is the culinary trend of the month.

Kids keep you current.

I have my kids to thank for keeping me pretty well versed in music trends, fashion trends, the latest iPhone, social media in all its forms, memes, tweets, news, politics and what it means to go viral. Yes, I'm current with it all ... the good, bad and ugly.

The bad and ugly I just as soon forget about. The current good is that people are cooking and baking like never before and with that there are recipes and food trends that are going viral.

So, here's to my daughter for keeping me current with what's trending in the culinary world.

These are difficult times, so comfort foods are at the top of the list. Somewhat out of necessity, people are getting back into the kitchen, cooking up soups and stews, macaroni and cheese, pasta dishes, sweet baked goodies and anything their mom used to make.

Since running to the market has become inconvenient, if not unnerving, getting creative and cooking with what you have on hand is trending. It's also trendy to photograph and share dishes on Instagram.

Bread baking has become one of the most popular trends, particularly, sourdough bread. Even banana bread is making the rounds on social media. I can certainly understand that!

A copycat version of Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme is right up there too. Unfamiliar with a crunch wrap? It's a combination of a tostado and a burrito that consists of a flour tortilla folded into a hexagon over a spicy ground beef filling, a tostada shell, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce and then the whole thing is grilled. People are loving making it a home.

Fiercely flooding social media is a drink called dalgona. I had no clue what dalgona was until, of course, my daughter told me about it.

Dalgona is a coffee drink from South Korea made by whipping equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until it becomes a thick, caramel-like foam and then spooning it atop cold milk for a luscious presentation. The foam is then stirred into the milk and best sipped through a straw to prevent a dalgona mustache!

Dalgona is easy and fun to make. It's magical and unexpected to see the combination of coffee, sugar and water whip up into an ethereal mousse-like delight.

If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee, you will love this drink AND you will be on trend!

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2 servings


4 tablespoons instant coffee

4 tablespoons white sugar

4 tablespoons hot water

2 cups cold milk

ice cubes, if desired


With an electric mixer, whip coffee, sugar and hot water until fluffy, stiff peaks form. Pour a cup of cold milk into each of two glasses and add ice. Spoon equal parts of mixture over the milk. Gently stir together and drink!

Be safe and be well everyone!