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With this daily feature, The Eagle runs down breaking local developments in the coronavirus crisis.

COMMUNITY DATA: Here are the latest figures from the state Department of Public Health on confirmed coronavirus cases by city and town. In the past week there were two new cases in Egremont, one in Lee, one in Sheffield, two in Lenox, two in North Adams and 11 in Pittsfield. Hinsdale and Sandisfield no longer have fewer than five; each has five total.

In alphabetical order, the following are results for communities with five or more cases. After community name, the figures list number of cases, number of new cases in the past 14 days, number of tests in the past 14 days and percentage of positive tests in the past 14 days:

Adams: 35, 0, 180, 0 percent

Becket: 16, 0, 43, 0 percent

Clarksburg: 8, 0, 40, 0 percent

Dalton: 16, 0, 162, 0 percent

Egremont: 7, less than 5, 33, 6.06 percent

Great Barrington: 73, 0, 347, 0 percent

Hinsdale: 5, less than 5, 67, 1.49 percent

Lanesborough: 8, 0, 71, 0 percent

Lee: 22, less than 5, 185, 1.62 percent

Lenox: 16, less than 5, 198, 1.02 percent

New Marlborough: 7, 0, 21, 0 percent

North Adams: 50, less than 5, 326, 0.92 percent

Pittsfield: 199, 10, 1534, 0.91 percent

Richmond: 5, 0, 50, 0 percent

Sandisfield: 5, 0, 96, 0 percent

Sheffield: 16, less than 5, 102, 0.98 percent

Stockbridge: 15, 0, 53, 0 percent

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West Stockbridge: 5, 0, 36, 0 percent

Williamstown: 83, 0, 224, 0 percent

These communities had fewer than five cases (the DPH does not list numbers in that range for communities of under 50,000 people): Alford, Cheshire, Florida, Hancock, Monterey, Otis, Peru, Savoy, Tyringham and Washington.

The following towns had no reported cases: Mount Washington, New Ashford and Windsor. The number of cases statewide increased from 107,413 to 109,096 in the week from July 22 to July 29.

LEADING INDICATORS: The DPH provides the following statistics daily as indicators in the fight against coronavirus infection. Each provides a number and then a percentage change since April 15.

- Seven-day weighted average of positive test rate: 2, down 93 percent.

- Three-day average of number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals: 368, down 90 percent.

- Number of hospitals using surge capacity to care: 2, down 90 percent.

- Three-day average of COVID-19 deaths: 15, down 90 percent.

TWO WEEK LOOKBACK: The Eagle is also calculating results for a 14-day lookback on some leading indicators. As of Wednesday, positive tests over a seven-day period showed a 22.07 percent increase from two weeks ago. The three-day average of the number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals represented a 35.44 percent decline. The three-day average of confirmed COVID-19 deaths fell 28.57 percent from two weeks ago.

THE NUMBERS: Berkshire County's death toll remained at 45 as of Wednesday. The confirmed COVID-19 case count was up one to 648, the state Department of Public Health said.

The DPH said 29 new deaths were reported in Massachusetts, pushing the statewide total to 8,360. The number of confirmed cases rose 356 to 109,096. Meantime, probable cases (a separate tally) rose by 146 to 7,588.

The case totals (and death counts) in neighboring counties: Franklin, up one to 397 (up one to 60); Hampshire, up seven to 1,102 (127); Hampden, up 27 to 7,353 (up three to 692).

As of Wednesday, 24,124 cases have been confirmed among residents and staff of long-term care facilities. In all, 373 facilities have had at least one confirmed case and have seen 5,468 deaths linked to COVID-19, an increase of 21 since Tuesday.

AT THE HOSPITALS: As of Wednesday, Berkshire Medical Center reported caring for no COVID-19 patients. Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington also had no cases.

The COVID-19 patient count for other western Massachusetts hospitals: Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, one case, not in ICU; Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, one case, not in ICU; Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, 18 cases, four in ICU; Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, six cases, two in ICU; Holyoke Hospital, 11 cases, none in ICU; Baystate Noble Hospital in Westfield, no cases.

The numbers include both confirmed and suspected cases.

Statewide, as of Wednesday there were 390 people hospitalized, with the latest daily admission of 202 people. Of those hospitalized, 62 are in ICU and 23 are on ventilators.

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