PHOTO GALLERY | Turn Park Art Space Grand Opening

WEST STOCKBRIDGE — Long the backdrop for Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival and Williamstown Theatre Festival, the Berkshire landscape plays an integral part in combining music, art, and dance in the area's newest cultural attraction.

Turn Park Art Space nestled in the heart of downtown West Stockbridge features a visitors gatehouse that bridges to a stone path and open fields of sculptures, a stone amphitheater, roaming musicians and dancers in colorful costumes.

All conforming to the contour of an old quarry that is the foundation for the unique vision of Turn Park founders Igor Gomberg and Katya Brezgunova.

"We didn't want to create a traditional art space. We created a community of interesting people we could share," Brezgunova told dozens gathered for Sunday's grand opening.

So unconventional, the venue's logo has "Park" spelled upside down and backwards.

What was more typical for the Berkshires was converting a former commercial enterprise into an artistic showcase for children and adults to explore, according Grigori Fateyev, interim director and one of the three architects who collaborated to design the park.

"The adaptive reuse project is somewhat like Mass MoCA, a reuse of an industrial [space,]" he said.

Following three years of planning and construction, Turn Park isn't complete. Live music, contemporary theater and performance will soon enliven the outdoor sculptures, ongoing art displays and temporary installations. Later stages of the project will include site-specific children's playgrounds and pavilions that house a gallery, restaurant, gift shop and a floating dock.

Moscow-based architect Alexander Konstantinov told the opening day crowd that flexibility is key to the outdoor exhibition space.

"We strive to build the background. It's modest because we don't know what sculptures there will be in the future," he said.

Project officials didn't immediately disclose the cost of Turn Park, only to say private and corporate donations paid for the cultural attraction that will will seek a suggested donation from visitors.

Co-founders Gomberg and Brezgunova thanked all involved, among them the general contractor, Allegrone Companies, several local businesses and West Stockbridge town officials. Newly elected selectman, Bernie Fallon views Turn Park as part of the town's welcoming atmosphere.

"The beautiful environment created here has enhanced [that,]" he noted.

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