NORTH ADAMS — Three more Berkshire communities could join a pact to provide services to veterans.

Cheshire, Dalton and Lanesborough all hope to share Veterans' Services Officer Stephen Roy.

North Adams first established the intermunicipal services agreement for its veterans agent in 2010, allowing it to share the position with Williamstown and Adams, according to Mayor Thomas Bernard's letter to the City Council.

That agreement has since grown to include Florida, Savoy and Clarksburg.

Last year, the towns of Cheshire, Lanesborough and Dalton approached the city, requesting to join the Northern Berkshire district.

The new agreement would have the veterans agent in Dalton for five hours per week and, as a result, an equal reduction of his weekly time in North Adams.

Dalton would pay a proportional share, 13.33 percent, of the veterans agent's salary and benefits. At the current rate, the annual payment would be $10,878.16.

Lanesborough and Cheshire would each pay a flat $1,500 annual fee, but not have their own office hours for the veterans agent. He would be available to make home visits on a case-by-case basis.

The city's administrative officer, Michael Canales, and Roy both approved of the proposed set-up, according to Bernard.

"All parties concur that the VSO and the office have the capacity to serve these communities, and I join them in recommending their admittance into the district," Bernard wrote.

The new agreement must be approved by North Adams, Williamstown and Adams. The City Council will vote on the proposal Tuesday.

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