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There is so much to see in "Stressed World," a show of 174 works from 30 artists that it is easy to only see the surface value — the materials, colors, the overall aesthetic. It is too easy to lose sight of what is being said by the artists, the conversations happening between the works, the deeper meaning hidden below the surface. It requires one to lean in, to look close. 

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Barrington Stage Company's Artistic Director Alan Paul sees Barrington Stage Company as an incubator for new work, especially musicals (“give quirky young musical writers a chance,” he’s been advised by Broadway composer-lyricist William Finn, who supervises BSC’s Musical Theatre Lab); for revisiting older musicals and making them fresh, in subtle and nuanced ways, for contemporary audiences.


Monica Lewinsky, whose affair, as a then-White House intern, with President Bill Clinton led to his impeachment. Over the weekend, she joked the worst career advice she had received was take the internship.

Making turkey stock is a great way to use what you have on hand post-Thanksgiving. It's easy and  economical. Almost all leftover parts of the bird can be put to use, including the bones, the skin, and small bits of meat attached to the carcass. Just place them into a large soup pot with a generous amount of water. Add some basic vegetables and simmer away for at least an hour. Skim, strain, and you have stock. The longer you simmer it, the more the stock reduces. It becomes deeper and richer in flavor and slightly darker in color.

It's not that we're lazy, but we think that cranberry sauce straight from a can is the superior way to serve the jelly side dish. Although, it sounds like some of you may feel it should head straight to the trash? Let's settle this debate in our poll.

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