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Grammar Guy

Halloween is the time for jack-o'-lanterns. But where does the term jack-o'-lantern originate? Columnist Curtis Honeycutt explains in his latest Grammar Guy story.

Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: This may seem strange to complain about because most people would love to get flowers. My boyfriend of three years sends a dozen red roses every couple of months to my workplace. It's not related to a birthday or anniversary. It's "just because."

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More Arts and Culture

Murray Hidary's immersive sound installation 'Distanced Together' is on view at Mass MoCA now through Feb. 4. "You can really interact with it however you need to. It really is a space for reflection, for catharsis, for healing and really reflecting on the experience we’ve all had over the last couple of years with the music as the soundtrack tracing the arc of the pandemic.”

Today we can capture the multiple nuances of color in nature on camera. Not so in previous centuries when many scientists who were trying to organize and delineate the natural world needed to be artists as well … capturing the differences in colors by using paints, in particular watercolors.

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