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Boyfriends brother is a jerk

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DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend, "Tom," and I just spent the weekend with his older brother, "George." George spent most of the weekend mocking and mimicking me, and he even made fun of my chronic health condition. Tom kept telling me not to be so sensitive and to ignore George's "sense of humor." Afterward, I told Tom I wouldn't remain silent in the future, and I wished he had said something like, "That's enough, George," on my behalf.

Tom insists it isn't his place. He thinks I should accept George as he is "since we all have our faults." While I want to maintain my relationship with Tom, I need to limit my exposure to George, whose behavior I regard as abusive. Does this seem reasonable?

— Tired Of The Teasing

DEAR TIRED: Reasonable, yes. Whether it is possible may be questionable. I agree that George's behavior was abusive. It's a shame Tom was afraid to stand up to his older brother, but because he wouldn't intervene, you would have been within your rights to stand up for yourself, tell him his ridicule wasn't funny and leave.

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