DEAR ABBY: My fiancé and I have been having food wars with our parents ever since we started dating. Because of our lack of money, we can't move out of our parents' houses yet. My parents fight or yell at me for wanting to eat the kind of food we want to eat. My fiancé's mother wants us to never buy our own food and to eat hamburgers and hot dogs every night. She even goes through the trash and yells at my fiancé about spending money on food when it's his own money he is spending. How can we keep the peace? So far, we have been eating in the car like nomads.


DEAR WHAT'S EATING: Tolerating your parents' behavior is the price you and your fiancé are paying for roofs over your heads until the two of you can save enough for a place of your own. Until that happens, you may have to bide your time and continue "eating in the car like nomads." (I hope you are both eating as healthfully as you can.)

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