DEAR ABBY: My husband was instructed by his doctor to avoid dairy due to a chronic condition that negatively impacts his daily life. Around the same time, his father and his girlfriend began implementing the keto diet into their lifestyle. We are often invited to their home for game night. She takes pride in preparing a home-cooked meal for everyone. We've been open about my husband's dietary restrictions, but dairy remains a heavily used ingredient in these dishes, and it is often hidden or disguised by a different name depending on its preparation.

She seems to think that because my husband isn't "allergic" to dairy, it's OK for him to consume it. However, because we've both changed our diets to exclude dairy, these visits often end in stomach pains and, for him, other discomforts that may last for days. We enjoy the game nights, but fear a more direct approach will hurt our newfound relationship with his father's soon-to-be bride. What would you suggest?

— Restricted in Arizona 

DEAR RESTRICTED: I suggest you be VERY direct (and descriptive) with your father-in-law and his soon-to-be fiancée about the effect that dairy products have on your husband! Pain for days? That's terrible. And if your husband's dietary restrictions can't be accommodated, either eat beforehand or bring your own food to the gathering.

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