DEAR ABBY: I battle with a double chin, and I loathe it. My chin hides itself only if I am under 126 pounds. Anything over that and it's there. I'm not overweight, but my double chin makes me feel that way.

I have read that dermal fillers in the chin can discreetly get rid of this issue. The problem? My husband. He's against any type of plastic surgery. He doesn't like my double chin either, but he wants me to only get rid of it "naturally." Normally I would agree. I have been exercising (running four times a week) without success. I don't feel comfortable looking this way.

I think I deserve this shortcut. Should I get the filler without my husband's blessing, or should I continue this struggle?

-- Taking it on the chin

DEAR TAKING IT: You are an adult, and it's your body. You do not need permission to do something that will help you feel better about yourself. If your husband is against any type of plastic surgery (and by the way, fillers do not qualify as plastic surgery), he should forgo having it when his frown lines begin to look like tractor furrows and he develops a wattle.

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