PITTSFIELD — Barrington Stage Company's production of the Stephen Sondheim musical, "Into the Woods," has a leading 13 nominations in the Berkshire Theatre Critics Association's 2019 Berkshire Theatre Awards — the Berkies.

The production has been nominated as best musical along with "Ragtime" from Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, N.Y.; Berkshire Theatre Group's "Working"; and Sharon (Conn.) Playhouse's "Crazy For You."

"Into the Woods" also has nominations for Mara Davi, leading actress in a musical as The Baker's Wife; Mykal Kilgore and Jonathan Raviv, leading actor in a musical for their respective performances as The Witch and The Baker; Dorcas Leung, supporting actress in a musical, as Little Red; Kevin Toniazzo-Naughton as Prince Charming, Pepe Nufrio as Prince, and Clay Singer as Jack, supporting actor in a musical; Joe Calarco, direction of a musical; and scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design (respectively, Brian Prather, Jen Caprio, Sherrice Mojgani, and Matt Kraus).

In the play category, Shakespeare & Company's "Topdog/Underdog" is vying for honors with Williamstown Theatre Festival's "Before the Meeting"; "The Skin of Our Teeth" at Berkshire Theatre Group; and "The Brothers Size" at Ancram (N.Y.) Opera House. The two-character "Topdog/Underdog" also is nominated for ensemble performance

BTG's production of Edward Albee's "The Goat, or, Who is Sylvia?" picked up nominations for its leading actress and actor, Jennifer Van Dyke and David Adkins, and director Eric Hill.

All in all, Barrington Stage has 24 Berkies nominations, followed by Shakespeare & Company, 11; Williamstown Theatre Festival, nine; Mac-Haydn Theatre in nearby Chatham, N.Y., eight; Berkshire Theatre Group, seven; Chester Theatre Company, five; Sharon Playhouse in Connecticut and Dorset Theatre Festival in Dorset, Vt., four each; WAM Theatre in Lenox, Capital Repertory Theatre in Albany, N.Y., Ancram Opera House in Ancramdale, N.Y., and Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, N.Y., two each; and The Theater Barn in New Lebanon, N.Y., Living Room Theatre in Bennington, Vt., Berkshire Opera Festival, and Berkshire Public Theatre in Great Barrington, one each.

The fourth annual Berkies will be presented Nov. 11 in ceremonies and reception at Zion Lutheran Church on First Street in Pittsfield.

This year's awards are voted upon by 33 critics representing 24 print and online media outlets. The awards are given to fully staged productions that have had at least six performances over the course of two weekends between Oct. 1 and Sept. 31 in Berkshire County and within 50 miles of its borders in all directions (New York, Connecticut, Vermont).

The nominees (complete list):

Production - Musical

- "Ragtime" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- "Working" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

- "Crazy For You" (Sharon Playhouse)

Production - Play

- "Topdog/Underdog" (Shakespeare & Company)

- "Before the Meeting" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- "The Brothers Size" (Ancram Opera House)

- "The Skin of Our Teeth" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

New Play

- "Dig" by Theresa Rebeck (Dorset Theatre Festival)

- "Before the Meeting" by Adam Bock (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- "America v. 2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of the American Negro" by Stacey Rose

(Barrington Stage Company)

- "Selling Kabul" by Sylvia Khoury (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- "Lucy's Wedding" by Randolyn Zinn (The Living Room Theatre)

Production running fewer than six performances

- "Don Pasquale" (Berkshire Opera Festival)

- "Breakwater" (Berkshire Public Theatre)

Lead Actress - Musical

- Rachel Rhodes-Devey, "Ragtime" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Ellen Harvey, "Fall Springs" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Amanda Lea LaVergne, "Crazy For You" (Sharon Playhouse)

- Mara Davi, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Mary Stout, "Nunsense" (Sharon Playhouse)

Lead Actor - Musical

- Gabe Belyeu, "Ragtime" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Colin Pritchard, "Curtains" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Mykal Kilgore, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Jonathan Raviv, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Justin Boccitto, "Crazy For You" (Sharon Playhouse)

Supporting Actress - Musical

- Maya Cuevas, "Ragtime" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Monica Wemitt, "Curtains" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Dorcas Leung, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Amy Fiebke, "The Great American Trailer Park Musical" (The Theater Barn)

Supporting Actor - Musical

- Rob Brinkmann, "Oklahoma!" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Sam Heldt, "Fall Springs" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Kevin Toniazzo-Naughton, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Pepe Nufrio, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Clay Singer, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

Lead Actress - Play

- Deidre O'Connell, "Before the Meeting" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- Jennifer Van Dyck, "The Goat, or, Who is Sylvia?" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

- Diane Prusha, "The Children" (Shakespeare & Company)

- Andrea Syglowski, "Dig" (Dorset Theatre Festival)

- Lilli Hokama, "Now Circa Then" (Chester Theatre Company)

Lead Actor - Play

- David Adkins, "The Goat, or, Who is Sylvia?" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

- David Joseph, "Time Stands Still" (Shakespeare & Company)

- Luke Hofmaier, "Now Circa Then" (Chester Theatre Company)

- J. Anthony Crane, "If I Forget" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Andre Braugher, "A Human Being, Of a Sort" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

Supporting Actress - Play

- Cloteal L. Horne, "The Merry Wives of Windsor" (Shakespeare & Company)

- Mary Stout, "Gertrude and Claudius" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Mandi Madsen, "A Raisin in the Sun" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- Elizabeth Aspenlieder, "The Waverly Gallery" (Shakespeare & Company)

- Laura Jordan, "If I Forget" (Barrington Stage Company)

Supporting Actor - Play

- Arnie Burton, "Before the Meeting" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- James Barry, "The Night Alive" (Chester Theatre Company)

- Robert Zuckerman, "If I Forget" (Barrington Stage Company)

- David Gow, "The Waverly Gallery" (Shakespeare and Company)

- Gregory Boover, "Twelfth Night" (Shakespeare and Company)

Solo Performance

- Tara Franklin, "On the Exhale" (Chester Theatre Company)

- Steven Patterson, "Shylock" (Bridge Street Theatre)

- Jayne Atkinson, "Ann" (WAM)

Ensemble Performance

- "America v. 2.1 . . ." (Barrington Stage Company)

- "Working" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

- "Time Flies and Other Comedies" (Barrington Stage Company)

- "The Brothers Size" (Ancram Opera House)

- "Topdog/Underdog" (Shakespeare and Company)

Direction - Musical

- John Saunders, "Ragtime" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Joe Colarco, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- James Barry, "Working" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

- Randal Myler, "Rock and Roll Man" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

- Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill, "The Full Monty" (Capital Repertory Theatre)


- Sebastiani Romagnolo, "Ragtime" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Justin Boccetti, "Crazy For You" (Sharon Playhouse)

- Sebastiani Romagnolo, "Grease" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)

- Freddy Ramirez, "The Full Monty" (Capital Repertory Theatre)

Direction - Play

- Regge Life, "Topdog/Underdog" (Shakespeare and Company)

- David Auburn, "The Skin of Our Teeth" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

- Keira Naughton, "Curve of Departure" (Chester Theatre Company)

- Theresa Rebeck, "Dig" (Dorset Theatre Festival)

- James Warwick, "The Children" (Shakespeare and Company)

- Eric Hill, "The Goat, or, Who is Sylvia?" (Berkshire Theatre Group)

Scenic Design - Play or Musical

- Christopher and Justin Swader, "Dig" (Dorset Theatre Festival)

- Brian Prather, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Mark Wendland, "Before the Meeting" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- Lee Savage, "Private Lives" (Dorset Theatre Festival)

- Lawrence E. Moten III, "A Human Being, Of A Sort" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

Costume Design - Play or Musical

- Jen Caprio, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Sara Jean Tosetti, "Gertrude and Claudius" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Elivia Bovenzi, "Time Flies and Other Comedies" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Kiki Smith, "The Merry Wives of Windsor" (Shakespeare and Company)

Lighting Design - Play or Musical

- Sherrice Mojgani, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Lara Dubin, "Lady Randy" (WAM)

- Matthew Adelson, "Curve of Departure" (Chester Theatre Company)

- John Sowle, "The Letters" (Bridge Street Theatre)

Sound Design - Play or Musical

- Beth Lake, "Selling Kabul" (Williamstown Theatre Festival)

- Matt Kraus, "Into the Woods" (Barrington Stage Company)

- Nathan Schitz, "Oklahoma!" (Mac-Haydn Theatre)