WEST STOCKBRIDGE — "Particularly in the Heartland," an interactive theater piece originally created and devised by the Brooklyn-based company, The TEAM, opens Thursday at The Foundry, in a new interpretation from Bazaar Productions, the resident theater company at The Foundry, 2 Harris St..

Directed by Bazaar Productions' co-artistic director Sara Katzoff, and featuring an ensemble of emerging performers and designers, "Particularly in the Heartland" runs through Aug. 18 beginning with a gala fund-raising party and performance Thursday evening. Doors open at 6 p.m. with a reception and silent auction, followed at 7 by the performance and a dabce iarty at 9.

Remaining performances through Aug. 18 are Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8; this Saturday afternoon at 2; and Sunday afternoons at 5 at The Foundry.

Set in Kansas in 2004, "Particularly in the Heartland" spotlights a trio of siblings living on a farm. Orphaned after their parents' disappearance by tornado—or was it an alien invasion? Or possibly the Rapture?—the Springer children are left to raise themselves. They are soon joined by three outsiders: Dorothy, a New Yorker fallen from an airplane; Tracey Jo, a pregnant teen claiming to be an alien; and the ghost of 1968 presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy.

"Particularly in the Heartland" is produced in collaboration with The Foundry and the Boston University Professional Training Initiative.

Ticket information is available online at bazaarproductions.org or by phone at 413-418-4113.