GREAT BARRINGTON — Eight artists are bringing their own unique visions of the summer season to Bernay Fine Art. 

'Summertime,' now in its third year at the 296 Main St. gallery, features the work of artists Warner Friedman, Jessica Hess, Eileen Murphy, Scott Prior, Janet Rickus, Nadine Robbins, Sonya Sklaroff and Joy Taylor. 

The exhibition, which opens Friday, June 11, is on view at the gallery through July 11. A reception for the artists, open to the public, will be held 1 to 4 p.m., Saturday, June 12.


Friedman is a contemporary landscape artist who uses shaped canvases to display vivid scenes set behind an architectural structure, such as a fence, gate, window, or door. He first builds models and then photographs the natural light failing on the scene.

Hess is a hyperrealist painter focusing on structure, simplicity and decay, rather than elegance or grandeur. She starts with photographs that serve as both a reference point and a starting point. She incorporates street art into her work, which adds color and excitement.

Murphy’s paintings are based on the landscapes of Columbia County in New York. These hyperrealist compositions are filled with detailed brushstrokes of trees and foliage, offset by brilliant blue, gray and clouded skies.

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Light is Prior’s special quality. It makes his skies at sunset, or his winter light scenes reach beyond hyperrealism. Familiar objects and settings, a garden, a sunset on the beach, or a scene from a carnival, combined with the artist’s smooth enamel-finish, eliminating brush strokes, make everyday scenes special and unique.

Rickus paints still-life paintings filled with fruits, vegetables and ceramics.

“Still lifes have a life, a connection to people and nature that I love," she said, in a release. "The fruits and vegetables, beautiful in their own rights and often with evocative shapes, allow me to bring observations of life to the paintings.”

Robbins is a hyperrealist who has a passion for oysters. Painting oysters, she says, brings her back to her childhood when she spent quality time with her father oystering. The artist’s oyster paintings, very much like her portraits, are studies of inner beauty.

Sklaroff is exhibiting cityscape scenes from New York City in the summertime including: “Gay Street”, “The Rainbow Flag”, “Tribeca Fire Escape” and “18th Floor Water Tower." Sklaroff’s use of color contrast and shadowing brings her urban landscapes to life.

Taylor’s "Flower Series," according to the release is bold and colorful. Taylor uses imagination to manipulate, “scale up”, and “simplify” flowers in a flattened picture plane.

Bernay Fine Art is open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday. More information: 413-645-3421,