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The Details: Café Triskele Kitchen and Pantry is the latest offering from chef Franck Tessier and pastry chef Rachel Portnoy. The couple, opened the restaurant's previous incarnation, Chez Nous, a casual French bistro in the same location, shortly after getting married in 2005. During 2020, …

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Winged euonymus (Euonymus alatus), sometimes known as “burning bush” because of its brilliant fall foliage color, has long been recognized as an aggressive invader of northeastern woodlands, where it crowds out native vegetation, creating areas inhospitable to most native wildlife. Birds do …

The trouble with new music is that it’s unnecessarily complicated, it has too many ideas in succession, there are too many unexpected harmonies, and it’s difficult to grasp the music on just a single hearing. That, at least, was the criticism of Mozart’s music during his lifetime. Other judgements of the young whippersnapper’s work included: "too strongly spiced,” "impenetrable,” "bizarre," "overloaded and overstuffed.”

Ahh ... summer! This time of year, whenever I go to a farmers market or pick up my CSA (community supported agriculture) share or even find myself in the grocery store, something new has ripened locally and we can enjoy the bounty from farms in our own backyard.

One of my favorite things to do with almost anything you can find — in this season of plentiful produce, or even with what’s available in the winter — is to make ricotta toasts.

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