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Cellist Yo-Yo Ma - seen here in a 2011 appearance at Tanglewood - "is perhaps our most visible personification of that humane quality in music," writes Berkshire Eagle music critic Andrew L..Pincus. "He understands music as a bond between peoples and cultures. It's one reason, in addition to…

Tanglewood's founder, Serge Koussevitzky, believed music had the power to save us from our worst impulses. His words, spoken at Tanglewood's opening in 1940, have as much application today as they did then, says Berkshire Eagle music writer and critic, Andrew L. Pincus.

LENOX - Bach leaves few instructions beyond bare notes for the performer of his solo violin sonatas and partitas, so any performance of them is bound to be personal.Hilary Hahn took the stage …

My game plan is to make this recipe a little bit healthier by substituting whole wheat spaghetti or spaghetti squash for the regular spaghetti and getting 93-percent lean ground beef, low-fat cheddar cheese and reduced-sodium taco seasoning.

Citrus fruits can add subtle or powerful flavor to countless savory and sweet dishes. You can include citrus in beverages, vinaigrettes, dips, marinades, meats, salads, seafood, pastas, vegetables, and desserts and baked goods of all kinds.

I believe that it was more a hunger for comfort, for connection, and for tending to something nourishing and real which fueled the pandemic’s sourdough baking craze. It makes perfect sense, and it is achievable under any circumstances, not only extreme conditions of stress and isolation. I’d love for you to discover in 2023 your inner bread baker.

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