In New England, there are two ways to make a lobster roll; the right way and the wrong way. 

Lobster rolls are part of a larger debate at the center of most of David Page's new book, "Food Americana: The Remarkable People and Incredible Stories behind America’s Favorite Dishes," about regional cuisine and its national availability. (Lobster rolls, he writes in the book, gained national attention in 1997 when they were "discovered" on chef Rebecca Charles' menu at the Pearl Oyster Bar in New York's Greenwich Village.)

GREAT BARRINGTON — Therapist Allyson Dinneen was sitting on her couch during this Berkshires pandemic winter, still stunned that people were interested in thoughts she had been refining about pain and the multitude of emotional sufferings.

NEW YORK (AP) — Andrew McCarthy admits he “fled” from his shaggy-haired 1980’s persona and didn’t look back for decades. Much like the slouchy blazers he wore in movies like “Pretty in Pink” and “St. Elmo’s Fire,” that Brat Pack moniker and image never really fit. But time has put a soft fil…

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