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Robin Anish: Cool off with summertime classic orangeade

From the 19 summer recipes to cool down with series
Robin Anish: Cool off with summertime classic orangeade

Orangeade is an old-fashioned drink perfect to sip on this summer.

I like to chill in the shade of a big old leafy tree, with a picnic basket of great food and drink to carry me through a long afternoon of chillin'.

When I'm chillin', I'm often reminiscing. On a beautiful summer day, I think back to summers when I was a kid. I remember swimming at Anthony's Pond and Horn's Beach, hiking Mount Greylock, the ice cream man and orange Popsicles with two sticks that you could break in half and share with a friend or going to the soda fountain at the drugstore to get a vanilla coke or a chocolate cream soda. I remember loving Kool-Aid and sending away for the official Kool-Aid pitcher.

I remember catching fireflies and playing flashlight tag at night with a bunch of kids from the neighborhood, backyard sleepovers, trips to Mount Tom amusement park or long drives to Lake George and Story Town, drive-in movies, arts and crafts at the playgrounds and collecting bottles to return for nickels and dimes to spend at the Adams News to buy candy and comic books.

I remember fireworks on the Fourth of July and family picnics, the Weber kettle on the porch and the window boxes my mother planted with red geraniums and vines to decorate our big porch.

I remember heading out in the morning on my bike to meet up with friends and staying out all day playing, only coming home in time for dinner with the occasional check-in at home for a snack.

I mostly remember that summertime growing up was something to be remembered!

Oh, I almost forgot, I also remember the milk man delivering orangeade in glass bottles in the summer. Orangeade was my summertime drink.

Orangeade is an old-fashioned drink made with oranges, much like lemonade and lemons, but without the pucker. It's the perfect icy-cold beverage to sip on when chillin' this summer.

The sugar in this orangeade recipe might sound excessive, but it's what makes it orangeade and not just a glass of orange juice. Use fresh-squeezed orange juice and lemon juice. The flavor will not be the same with bottled juices.



2 cups sugar

2 cups fresh orange juice

1 quart water, divided

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice


Boil sugar, 2 cups of water, plus the orange peels left from squeezing the orange juice for 5 minutes. Strain, add orange

juice, lemon juice and remaining 2 cups of water. Chill and serve over ice.


This recipe for an orangeade milk shake is reason enough to make an extra batch of orangeade.



3/4 cup orangeade

2 scoops vanilla ice cream

2 scoops orange sherbet

Optional garnish: whipped cream and orange slices


Combine orangeade, ice cream and sherbet in a blender and blend until smooth. Add extra orangeade if too thick. Serve in chilled tall glass and garnish with whipped cream and orange slices.

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