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Move over cornbread stuffing, this is the Thanksgiving stuffing Massachusetts residents are Googling the most right now

Thanksgiving dish filled with turkey, stuffing, green beans and mashed potatoes

You can keep your cornbread bread cubes and oysters away from our stuffing here in Massachusetts, thank you very much.

According to Google Trends, the most searched term for stuffing in the Bay State this year is good old fashioned sausage stuffing. Just over the border, New Yorkers agree, also searching primarily for sausage stuffing. 

If you're looking for a good sausage stuffing recipe, try food columnist Margaret Button's family's favorite recipe, or this one name for the writer's family friend who shared the recipe with him. 

Map of U.S. color coded to show most searched stuffings

According to Google trends, we New Englanders are also traditionalists when it comes to cooking the main event. Roast turkey was the most searched form of preparing the Thanksgiving staple, with smoked turkey coming in second. 

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