Sprinkle some fun into your Halloween with creative cupcakes.

Instead of mourning all of the "normal" things we might not get to do this Halloween, how about making some new memories at home? There are plenty of ways to enjoy the spooky pageantry of the holiday in a non-scary-pandemic-safe way and still get your holiday thrills. We've got ideas for spooky movies to watch, or books to read while you curl up with your own haul of Halloween candy. To make sure you get enough boos with your booze, we've got perfect candy and wine pairings for you also. 

Or, put on some "Monster Mash" music and decorate these cupcakes after dinner one night to get in the Halloween spirit. All you need are some basic chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, a few different icing colors, eyeball sprinkles and some creativity.


Lil' Pumpkin

What you need: Cupcake, orange icing, black icing, green icing

How you make it: Cover your cupcake with orange icing by making vertical stripes that angle slightly, following the curve of a pumpkin. At the top of the pumpkin, give it a green "hat" or stump and use black icing to create your sweet jack-o'-lantern face of choice. 


Spooky Spider

What you'll need: Cupcake, white frosting, black icing, Oreo cookie, eyeball sprinkles

How you make it: Cover your cupcake with white frosting. Separate the Oreo cookie and remove the inner frosting, only keeping one plain half of the cookie. Place the cookie on the cupcake and use the frosting to "glue" the eyes on the spider. Then make spider legs with black icing down the side of the cupcake.


Pucker Up!

What you'll need: Cupcake, white frosting that is tinted green, black icing, white icing, Oreo cookie crumbled up, fresh strawberry

How you make it: Using a piping bag, cover the cupcake with tinted green frosting, starting from the widest part of the cupcake top working your way in and up to create height. Cut the stem off the strawberry to create a flat bottom. Make a mouth in black icing on the strawberry and carefully pipe in white "teeth." Place the strawberry on the cupcake and sprinkle Oreo crumbs around the base. 


Sweet Resting Place

What you'll need: Cupcake, white frosting, green icing, Oreo cookie crumbles, gummy worms and candy corn pumpkins

How you make it: Cover your cupcake with white frosting. Sprinkle Oreo crumbs all over to create a "dirt" look. Break another Oreo cookie in half to make it tombstone-like shape and carefully write out your grave inscription in icing. Put cookie tombstone in frosting and decorate with worms or candy corn pumpkins. 

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Managing Editor of Content Engagement

Lindsey Hollenbaugh is the managing editor of content engagement for The Berkshire Eagle. A native of upstate New York, she has a journalism degree from Ithaca College. She lives in Pittsfield with her husband and son.