Gardens are ephemeral. That’s a simple fact, and one I was quickly made aware of by my first job after horticultural school. I was hired by Columbia University to restore, as best I could, the landscaping on a historic Hudson River estate it had turned into a research campus some 30 years pr…

Not all insects die with the onset of cold winter; many spend the winter over in leaves, under bark, or elsewhere outside. The wooly bear caterpillar, or woolly worm, is the caterpillar we look to for a prediction about the coming winter. The story is the narrower the rust-brown stripe in th…

Do not doubt the blue jay! It is a Corvid, along with crows and ravens, and all are well known as intelligent birds. They have helped spread oaks by spreading acorns, and even as intelligent as they may be, blue jays do on occasion misplace an acorn and other seeds, as do squirrels. I imagine that sometimes one may die before gleaning its cache.

Many of the flowers we plant and treat as annuals in our home landscape are not annuals at all. By definition, an annual is a plant that completes its life cycle, i.e. from seed germination to seed production and death, within one growing season.

Erin Sherriff's work is art that requires and rewards "close looking."

It requires "forensic attention to detail" as "things often aren’t quite what they seem," says Robert Wiesenberger, associate curator of contemporary projects at the Clark Art Institute, where Sherriff's work is now on view in its public spaces where patrons can view it without admission to the Clark. 

Here's what's playing -- Jan. 22-28 -- at movie theaters and on virtual cinemas in the Berkshires and environs. Where films have been reviewed, the capsules include the name of film critic and the day the full review was posted on All reviews are by Associated Press critics.

In Robert Jones Jr.’s “The Prophets,” Samuel and Isaiah are two enslaved men in love on a Deep South plantation. They spend their days caring for the animals in the barn, which has also become their haven. It is where they can be together, where they can retreat into one another for comfort …

Hello! I’m Aimee, and I’ll be taking over this space once a month to talk about books. I’m a novelist, as well as the author of a few non-fiction books, and my favorite pastime/potentially-most-irritating-quality is constantly telling my friends what to read. The kind people at The Berkshire Eagle are now letting me pitch book recommendations to you, my fellow book nerds of Berkshire County.

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