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Rebecca McMackin, director of horticulture at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, acknowledges that the common understanding of a city park is of a lawn, picnic tables and sports fields, and her park has all those things. But, she adds, there is much more there as well. Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the most innovative urban landscapes in the United States, an example of how humanity can be accommodated in partnership with wildlife and native ecosystems, with all these elements shaped by a concern for sustainability.

This past summer was one of record-breaking rainfall in my corner of Western Massachusetts — our dirt road washed out three times, and our garden soil was too wet to work much of the time. I can’t do much about my road, other than express my gratitude to the town crew that put it right. But I can adapt my garden, with the help of Ginny Stibolt and Sue Reed’s book, "Climate-Wise Landscaping."

You needn’t be an ardent weather watcher to know that frost is imminent and may have already occurred at some of the higher elevations. I made it a point this week to complete the harvest of what remained of our tender crops before any chance of frost. That meant picking the last of the bush beans, cucumbers, okra, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash and sweet potatoes. 


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Prosecutors urged the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, complaining in a petition released Monday the verdict was thrown out over a questionable agreement that the comic claimed gave him lifetime immunity.

NEW YORK (AP) — Thanksgiving weekend moviegoing was still far from the feast it normally is, but Disney's “Encanto” and the Lady Gaga-led “House of Gucci” both gave a lift to two genres that have been particularly battered by the pandemic: family movies and adult dramas.

It’s nice to make something for guests — I am of the opinion that it’s easier to make something than to go out and buy it, as long as you have the right ingredients. Homemade bread of any kind is a really beautiful thing to share with people, and a quick flatbread doesn’t take a lot of effort or time like a sourdough or focaccia would.

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