Williamstown Theatre Festival to present season on Audible

WILLIAMSTOWN — The Williamstown Theatre Festival is going digital this summer in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The Tony Award-winning theater is teaming with Audible, a producer and …

Quarantine Cooking: Chicken pot pie provides family comfort Have you suddenly become super efficient at meal planning? Are you, now, suddenly, planning meals so far in advance that you're thinking about how many meals you can make from a single whole chicken? …
Margaret Button: Linguine with lemon sauce is perfect right now So, how is staying at home working out for all of you? I'm in week 4 of working from home — and not working my second job as a supermarket cashier because I'm not brave enough to put myself on …
Tracy Wilson approaches career coda, but love of music will go on PITTSFIELD — For Berkshire Music School executive director Tracy Wilson, it's all about the music. "Music is so deeply connected to the soul," she said during a recent interview in her office at the 80-year-old institution on Wendell Avenue. "If only people could find a way to make music, it would make them feel better."
Looking for cooking inspiration? Grab your favorite cookbook In this period of quarantine, people are doing more cooking and baking than ever. Most of us are used to serving up one or two meals a day — with family members at …
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Quarantine tips: 5 places you should clean, organize in your home PITTSFIELD — Like many of us, Melissa Garcia, of Fresh Start in Pittsfield, is currently in place at home. Garcia, who started cleaning residential homes in 2008 and officially started her …
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John Seven | Viewer's Discretion: 'Years and Years' more than just family dramedy
"YEARS AND YEARS" (HBO) Back in the 1980s, it was nuclear war that got the dire television warnings that tapped into the public's … Read More
Ron Kujawski | Garden Journal: Planting peas - and other stress-busters
It's been a while since I've been able to plant peas in March, but I managed to do that 10 days ago. Looking back through my garden … Read More
Berkshire authors make state's 'must read' list
Massachusetts Center for the Book has announced its "Must Read" longlists in the 20th annual Massachusetts Book Awards. Read More
What's for dinner? Depends what's in the fridge, pantry
Just about now, you might be tired of cooking and eating what's in your refrigerator. We are all used to asking what's for dinner? … Read More
Quarantine cooking: Corn fritters turn pantry staples into easy dinner
I see you there, digging through your pantry, sweatpants on, unsure of what day it is. You are all of us right now. You are immune … Read More
Robin Anish: Fancy, sugary toast is ultimate comfort food
I don't often eat toast. I like toast. I'm just not much of a breakfast person, so I suppose that's why I don't often eat toast. But, … Read More
Yes, your local farm is still open
Farmers Ashley Amsden and Michael Gallagher had been floating the idea of adding home delivery of their pasture-raised chicken, beef, … Read More
What we're (finally) reading: Time for classics and epics
"Moby Dick." "Middlemarch." "Ulysses." "Infinite Jest." "Crime and Punishment." For many, such books have been read grudgingly, … Read More
John Seven | Viewer's Discretion: Film on 1970s hostage situation relies on real news footage
'DEAD MAN'S LINE' (TOPIC) Enraged white men with guns seem like a cultural norm at this point, but back in 1977 when Tony Kiritsis … Read More
Ron Kujawski | Garden Journal: Lessons learned in the garden
Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said, "Mistakes are lessons by which we learn. When you learn the lesson, forget the … Read More
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One of the earliest of our wildflowers doesn't have a very good reputation, nor has it the fanciest of names: skunk cabbage, polecat weed or skunkweed. That said, it is far more important to the … more
Schools and colleges are closed and large gatherings aren't possible at this point, but precautions related to the COVID-19 virus aren't stopping the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Berkshire … more
After taking stock of your pantry, you may find you've got a few too many boxes of dry pasta. (Or, at least that's what we're guessing given the many empty shelves of pasta we've been seeing at area … more
This week's column is brought to you from my dining room table — my workspace for the foreseeable future. I always thought working from home would be fun, but I miss all my coworkers at The … more
Do the walls feel like they are closing in on you? Wish you could spend an afternoon wandering the galleries of your favorite museum or see a show? You're not alone. Around the world, cultural … more
You've read all the books in your pile, watched all the DVDs you own three times and are sick of the kids complaining there's nothing to do. The solution to all of those problems could be as close as … more
'DAWSON CITY: FROZEN TIME' (OVIDTV) Bill Morrison is an experimental filmmaker who often works with damaged silent film. In 2003 he created his masterwork, the mesmerizing "Decasia," a collage of … more
With gatherings curtailed for the foreseeable future and many people finding themselves with more time on their hands and encouraged to spend more of that time at home, it's a good opportunity to dig … more
WILLIAMSTOWN — Alexis Schaitkin does her best writing surrounded by other people. The Williamstown author says there's just something about completing a solitary task while surrounded by others that makes it easier to put pen to paper. more
When I was a boy, which admittedly was some time ago, I remember how excited we got when we spotted a deer. They were very rare in the New York suburbs where I grew up. That's changed. Now deer are … more

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