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Gas price decline 2 cents in the Berkshires and statewide

Gas Prices Photo

The average gas price for a gallon of gasoline has dropped 2 cents in the Berkshires and statewide this week, but the local price is 3 cents higher than the state's, according to AAA Northeast.

WESTWOOD — Local and state gas prices have each dropped 2 cents this week, but the average price in the Berkshires is 3 cents higher than in Massachusetts, according to AAA Northeast.

The Berkshire price has fallen to $3.28 per gallon, just over the state average of $3.25. There have been small ups and downs in the Berkshire gas price over the last four weeks, but overall the price has dropped 4 cents over the past month. The state price is 4 cents lower than a month ago, and 99 cents less than at this time last year.

The state average is also 18 cents lower than the national average, which has dropped 1 cent this week to $3.43. The national average is 7 cents higher than a month ago, and 81 cents less than last year.

Spring has sprung with gas demand surging last week as motorists took advantage of better driving weather. But fears of a recession caused global oil prices to hover near $70 a barrel, mitigating a rise in gas prices.

“We may be seeing a return to seasonal trends in demand with warmer weather and longer days,” said AAA Northeast spokeswoman Mary Maguire. "But waffling oil prices could mitigate any increase at the pump for now."

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