Board asks Berkshire Roots for more site details for proposed pot cultivation facility

Berkshire Roots in Pittsfield has secured a special permit needed to create a three-building "cannabis campus" on Dalton Avenue. 

PITTSFIELD — The Community Development Board asked Berkshire Roots on Tuesday to submit site plans with more detail, and continued its review of the company's proposal to build a new cultivation center on Dalton Avenue until its next meeting, on Oct. 20.

The company is proposing to demolish Ken's Bowl and build a 104,000-square-foot, two-story building in its place that would serve as a cannabis cultivation center and have space for administrative offices, said project engineer/designer Frank DeMarinis.

The board voted unanimously to continue its site plan review process until next month. Members asked the company to submit more detailed plans that include renderings of how the building would look and additional information about such issues as stormwater treatment.

Chair Sheila Irvin said she was "a little disappointed" that KO Resources sent members additional documents to review late, materials that City Planner Cornelius Hoss said were provided about a half-hour before the meeting. KO Resources, which owns all common stock and equity in Berkshire Roots, is the applicant for the project and was represented at the hearing by Andrea F. Nuciforo Jr., an attorney and former state senator.

Berkshire Roots is proposing a three-building campus on Dalton Avenue. The only building currently being used houses its Pittsfield dispensary, and it has space for cultivation and manufacturing. The second building was approved last fall and is under construction. The company is aiming to expand its cultivation operation to the maximum allowed in Massachusetts for a single license holder, Nuciforo said. This summer, Berkshire Roots opened its second dispensary, in Boston.

"Our facility is going to help meet existing demand for a variety of products both in Pittsfield and East Boston, and we think [it] will help us to serve a wholesale market for those that don't have their own capacity," he said.

The project requires approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals and is scheduled to appear before that board Wednesday.

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