PITTSFIELD — The local consumer program and face-to-face mediation programs at the Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority in Pittsfield are among a number of similar initiatives across the state that have been awarded a combined $1.9 million from the state Attorney General’s Office. The funding from the Local Consumer Aid Fund will help support, protect, and advocates for consumers across the state on a variety of issues. The local consumer program in the Berkshires received $52,000 and the face-to-face program $44,000.

The AG’s Office uses settlement funds to finance a statewide network of Local Consumer Programs and Face-to-Face Mediation programs. These programs assist the AG’s consumer protection mission by delivering the same consumer advocacy services as the AG’s Consumer Advocacy and Response Division.

The LCPs provide information to consumers concerning state and federal consumer protection laws. FTF programs support the resolution of consumer and landlord/tenant disputes.