GREAT BARRINGTON — Berkshire Agricultural Ventures has awarded a $10,000 grant to Berkshire-based nonprofit, Greenagers. Of that sum, $2,800 will support Greenagers’ second year of apprenticeships at their farm at April Hill Conservation and Conservation Center, while $7,200 will offset the cost of a pilot year of Greenagers Helping Farm Hands project.

Specifically, this grant will help Greenagers apprentices learn how to re-engage the agricultural land at April Hill Farm from pasture and hay production to a diversified farm that will include tree nuts, tree and vine fruits, vegetables, beef, lamb, duck eggs, chicken eggs, conservation nursery stock, pollinator habitat, and honey.

Starting April 1, the Helping Farm Hands project grant would offset the cost of helping with the need for labor on local farms and allow youth crews a diversity of farming experiences. For more information on this program visit