GREAT BARRINGTON — Molly Comstock has been hired by the Berkshire Community Land Trust to coordinate the Harry Conklin Fund for Farmsteads, which formed in August. She will assume this role this month, after harvest season.

A fundraising campaign will be launched after Comstock assumes her new position.

Comstock, who operates Colfax Farm in Alford, will contact people who have expressed an interest in the fund, and convene public meetings to give presentations and ask questions. She also will pursue and follow up on leads for potential sites for farms.

The Conklin Fund for Farmsteads, a collaboration between the Berkshire Community Land Trust and its sister organization, the Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires, supports long-term access to land for farmsteads for small-scale farmers, while retaining ownership of the land in a community organization. Farmsteads include homes, barns, sites for greenhouses and flat land for growing.

The fund is named after the late Harry Conklin, an attorney who practiced law in the Berkshires for nearly 50 years and who died in July, after a seven-month battle with cancer. Conklin, who grew up on a farm in Ashley Falls, served on the board of the Community Land Trust in the Southern Berkshires for over four decades.