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Gas prices climb 6 cents in Berkshires, statewide

Hand holding gas nozzle

The average gas price in Berkshire County — and across Massachusetts — climbed 6 cents this week, AAA Northeast reported on Monday. 

WESTWOOD — Local and state gas prices have both climbed another 6 cents this week, AAA Northeast reported Monday.

The average price in Berkshire County is now $3.42 per gallon, while the average state price is a penny higher. The Berkshire price has climbed 11 cents in the past two weeks, but is the same as it was at the beginning of January. The state price is 7 cents lower than a month ago, and 4 cents higher than at this time last year.

The average state price is also 7 cents lower than the national average, which jumped 8 cents to this week to $3.50. The national average is 33 cents higher than a month ago, and 14 cents more than last year. 

“January's weather was relatively mild in much of the nation, which led to more drivers hitting the road. However, a return of wintery conditions in February may see a revival of seasonal driving patterns,” said AAA Northeast spokeswoman Mary Maguire. "But with the cost of oil stubbornly hovering around $80 per barrel, drivers probably won't catch a big break at the pump over the next week or two."

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