PITTSFIELD — General Electric Co., which still owns a significant amount of property in Pittsfield, is among the 10 companies listed in the Standard & Poor's 100 index that pay the lowest corporate tax rates in the United States, according to a report issued by WalletHub, a personal finance website. The S&P 100 represents the largest and most established businesses in the U.S.

G.E. pays the ninth lowest corporate tax rate at minus 9.12 percent, according to the report, which conducted an in-depth analysis of the 2020 federal, state and international tax rates paid by these firms. Wells Fargo & Co. pays the lowest tax rate at minus 1,015.20 percent. The overall tax rate that S&P 100 companies pay is around 20 percent, but these firms pay 44 percent lower rates on U.S. taxes than they do on international tax, according to the report.

Three of the top 10 companies paying the highest corporate tax rates are Walgreen Boots Alliance; Walmart, and United Parcel Service. All have outlets in the Berkshires.