BOSTON — State and local gas prices have continued to climb this week, with the average price in Berkshire County increasing 22 cents and the average state price by 21 cents, according to AAA Northeast.

In the Berkshires, the average price for gas is now $4.53 per gallon, which is 38 cents higher than two weeks ago. The average state price is now $4.60, a increase of 53 cents from a month ago. The state price is 12 cents higher than the national average, which rose 16 cents this week to $4.48. The national average is 41 cents higher than a month ago, and a $1.44 more than at this time last year.

Gas prices in both Berkshire and Franklin counties, where the average price is also $4.53 per gallon, are the lowest among the four counties of Western Massachusetts this week. The average price in Hampshire County is $4.56 while the average in Hampden County is $4.55. Dukes County, at $5.84, has the highest average gas price among the state's 14 counties.

“The high cost of crude oil, the key ingredient in gasoline, continues to push up pump prices dramatically for consumers,” said AAA Northeast spokeswoman Mary Maguire. “Even the annual seasonal demand dip for gasoline that we typically see between spring break and Memorial Day —which would normally help lower prices — is having no effect this year.”