From installing a single window to gutting and rebuilding an antique home, Morrison's Home Improvement Specialists has built a reputation over three decades for satisfying customers in Berkshire County with the company's dedication to high-quality work.

From 2016-2019, that reputation has earned the Lenox-based repair and remodeling company four consecutive Best of the Berkshires awards from The Berkshire Eagle, and a loyal customer base that keeps the 20-member staff busy year-round, even during the pandemic.

"A lot of people have found staying home that they want to realize all of their needs," said owner Steve Morrison. "Now they want to update, and are taking unused spaces and turning them into office space."

While many businesses pared back or shut down this year, Morrison's kept working without staff cuts. In fact, the company is looking to hire some carpenters and carpenter's apprentices.

"No layoffs in 28 years," Morrison said of his family-owned business, begun in 1992. "No layoffs or shutdowns during COVID."

"Even during the recession of 2008, we did well," he continued. "We did not participate in the recession."

With a stability that's unusual in the often-seasonal nature of the construction business, Morrison's keeps its remodeling crews busy even throughout the winter months, he said.

"We do well over 150-plus contracts as year — easily," Morrison said.

Carpenters needed 'to do the best'

Manager Bill O'Gara said the company needs both carpenters proficient in installing siding, windows and decking and other exterior work, and those experienced in finish work and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. As important as the construction skills are a willingness to work as part of a team and to be attentive and courteous to customers.

"All of our guys have excellent interpersonal skills," O'Gara said, which is critical, as they represent the face of the company to customers.

"We're looking to hire the best to do the best," he said. "We need the best. We're giving them the opportunity to install the best."

According to Morrison, an employee's pay is based upon that individual's talent. Employment includes a 40-hour workweek with the option to earn overtime pay, eight vacation days, paid holidays, paid accrued sick and personal time, and regular bonuses.

"Everything we do, we do to perfection," Morrison said. "As a team, we can do everything."

That includes electrical and plumbing, as well as installing cabinets and appliances. Morrison's is a licensed, registered and insured general contractor.

Professional work, local pride

Morrison's uses up-to-date production methods and the latest products. For example, the company is the only one in the county to be a certified installer of GAF roofing products, O'Gara said. These shingles carry a lifetime warranty. Morrison's also offers windows from KHPP Windows and Doors that use a patented "heat mirror" design, based on technology developed by NASA for the space shuttle, O'Gara said.

"They're the highest-rated energy-efficient windows you can buy," he said, adding that they are more affordable than "other big names."

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Morrison's showroom displays design and product options, and the craftmanship it is known for. The showroom is housed in a home built in 1870.

"This building was falling apart when we started," Morrison said.

The home was stripped to its skeleton and entirely rebuilt. The company has applied its renovation skills to other historic buildings — a church in Lenox, a cottage in Sturbridge, an area library.

"We would always rather preserve them than tear them down," O'Gara said.

Updating homes to make them easier to negotiate for people who are older or have disabilities is another specialty of Morrison's. They'll also offer ice and snow removal services.

Customer focus drives success

Customer testimonials on the company's website give five-star reviews:

"The carpentry team were unfailing in their thoroughness and preoccupation with perfection. Most importantly — to me, at least — they were without exception polite, friendly, forthcoming when questioned, and genuinely concerned about my requirements, understanding of, and comfort with the ongoing work." — Lisa B.

"Steve and Brian arrived every morning on time, worked all day long sometimes without lunch and when they left, they cleaned up, everything indoors and out was spotless." — Philip A.

"We had complete trust and confidence in you and your crew before we left for the winter. The communication between us was constant with emails, photos, and phone calls. Questions and concerns were answered immediately and anything that was important to us was just as important to you, no matter how small or large an issue." — Rhea W.

"Top to bottom, they're a terrific company to deal with, and right here in Western Mass. And now ... we enjoy the security of a new roof, a safe chimney and compliments from friends! Thanks Morrison's!" — Stan W.

Morrison said happy customers are the key to his business's success.

"Word of mouth is our best advertisement," he said.

O'Gara said the company is proud of its community and is in it for the long haul.

"We're local," he said. "We live here, we love here."

"We're not done growing yet," O'Gara said. "We want good people to make that commitment."