BOSTON — Although the numbers weren't quite as good as they were in October, sales of single-family homes in Berkshire County continued on their upward trend in November.

Sales increased 43.5 percent last month,  compared with November 2019, as 198 single-family homes were sold, compared with 138 12 months ago, according to the Warren Group of Boston, which tracks state real estate transactions.

In October, year-to-year sales of single-family homes in the Berkshires had increased 66 percent.

Year to date, sales of single-family homes in the Berkshires are up 18.2 percent. The median sales price has increased 16.5 percent, to $258,000, on a year-to-year basis and 14.4 percent, to $246,000, year to date.

Condominium sales in the Berkshires were down 16.7 percent in November, compared with the same month last year, and are up only 3.7 percent year to date.

The median sales price for condominiums has increased 79.4 percent on a year-to-year basis, to $340,000, and 65.8 percent year to date, to $290,000.