WESTWOOD — Both local and state gas prices continued to decline this week, with the average price in the Berkshires falling 10 cents and the state price dropping by 11 cents, AAA Northeast reported Monday.

The average price in the Berkshires is now $4.68 per gallon, a 31 cent decline from the week of June 14 when it reached at high of $4.99. The state price has fallen to $4.74, which is 30 cents lower than a month ago, but $1.72 more than it was at this time last year.

The state price is 7 cents higher than the national average, which fell 13 cents this week to $4.67. The national average is 33 cents lower than a month ago, but $1.53 more than last year.

The prices of gas in the Berkshires is the highest among the four counties of Western Massachusetts, but not by much. Gas this week is $4.65 in Hampshire County, $4.60 in Franklin County and a state-low $4.58 in Hampden County.

The decrease in the average for a gallon of gas occurred despite a slight rise in demand, likely due to robust July 4th holiday automobile travel. AAA forecasted that 42 million people would hit the roads for the holiday weekend, a new record.

“Usually, more people buying gas would lead to higher pump prices,” said AAA Northeast spokeswoman Mary Maguire. “But the price for oil, the main ingredient in gasoline, has fallen and is hovering around $100 a barrel. Less expensive oil usually means less expensive gas.”