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The Dream Away Lodge in Becket has been sold to new owners who hope to reopen in Spring 2023

Group aims to revive the restaurant, not 'reinvent it'

Dream Away Lodge view

The Dream Away Lodge, 1342 County Road in Becket, was sold to new owners and is expected to reopen in Spring 2023, according to an announcement.

BECKET — The Dream Away Lodge in Becket has been sold to new owners, according to an announcement from the restaurant, that hopes to see it reopen after being up for sale since March 2021.

The restaurant’s previous owner, Daniel Osman, has sold the restaurant to a new ownership group, called The Dreamaway Lodge Restaurant LLC, who intend to “offer all the things [Dream Away] did before but even better.” The restaurant provides food, drink and event space for weddings and other occasions, but is most known for its live music performances.

Osman owned the restaurant on 1342 County Road for 26 years and put it up for sale in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, noting at the time that “the Dream Away’s best chance for a future is in the hands of the next generation.”

The deal closed on Tuesday of last week. The ownership group had been ongoing discussions to make it happen since May of this year.

The restaurant is expected to reopen in Spring 2023. Its ownership group consists of Scott Levy, Sheryl Victor Levy, Daniel Giddings and April Wilson.

Scott Levy has owned a home in Becket since 2004, and was introduced to the Dream Away Lodge around that time. He said he fell in love with the restaurant the first time he went there.

“The very minute that I personally stepped foot in the Dream Away Lodge, it had an affect on me,” Levy said. “I was transported to a different place and time.”

The experience also allowed Levy to become friends with Osman, as he would visit the lodge frequently before the restaurant’s closing.

Keeping the restaurant’s atmosphere, which Levy described as “relaxing, warm and fulfilling,” intact is one of the main goals of the new ownership. Levy indicated that Daniel Osman and former chef Amy Loveless will both be involved with the restaurant’s revival, but in different roles than they held previously. They’re still determining the best route for their involvement, Levy said.

“We’re working on this together,” Levy said. “We did this purely to make sure the memory and legacy of the Dream Away could live on.”

Giddings, who owns three other restaurants, said that the lodge was looking to secure a lineup of musicians ahead of their targeted spring opening, as well as securing a new chef for the restaurant. The new owners will look to keep the menu moderately the same, he said.

“We’re not trying to reinvent it,” Giddings said. “More like revive it.”

In the time since the restaurant’s closing, other developments were attempted. A proposal by Hit The Road RV LLC to develop sites for “glamping” or glam-camping on 48 acres beside the lodge was withdrawn in June, following some deliberation from local boards.

The new owners will look to resume operating the restaurant as it was before, and restoring the “magic” that came along with it.

“The Dream Away will once again be the Berkshires’ magical spot,” the announcement said. “So close and yet so far, the secret place you either know about or don’t!”

Matt Martinez can be reached at mmartinez@berkshireeagle.com.

News Reporter

Matt Martinez is a news reporter at The Berkshire Eagle. He worked at Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, graduated Marquette University. He is a former Report for America corps member.

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