During the next several weeks, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will be contacting producers across the region to determine crop acreage and stock levels as of June 1.

The results are used by farmers and ranchers, the USDA, businesses, exporters, researchers, economists, policymakers and others to inform a range of decisions.

Growers can respond to the June agricultural survey online at agcounts.usda.gov, by phone, or by mail. They will be asked to provide information on planted and harvested acreage, including acreage for biotech crops and grain stocks along with information on crop acreage, livestock inventory, land values and value of sales.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service will analyze the survey information and publish the results in a series of USDA reports, including the annual Acreage and quarterly Grain Stocks reports to be released June 30.

Information: NASS Northeastern Regional Field Office, 800-498-1518.