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Robert F. Jakubowicz: It's all about beating Trump

PITTSFIELD — From the Berkshires to Cape Cod where I was recently on vacation, I have been hearing an increasing public concern about the possibility that President Trump might be reelected. …

Judith Monachina: We can grieve, and we can act STOCKBRIDGE — A traditional day of communal mourning would be a good time to gather and bear witness to inhumane actions against immigrants and refugees, their families and children. That was …
Anne Horrigan Geary: Lugging worries back to school DALTON — The dog days of August are limping to a close. Each morning the temperature is a little cooler, each evening the sun sets a few minutes sooner. The inevitable slide into the season of …
Sharon Gregory: A vision for a revitalized Housatonic Village GREAT BARRINGTON— Recently, the Select Board of Great Barrington rejected the proposed renovation of the Housatonic School. Some board members wanted to address the school in a more …
Carole Owens: Residence a choice for second-homeowners STOCKBRIDGE — It is tradition that on the first Saturday after the Fourth of July, the second-homeowners of Stockbridge meet with the select board. This year only one of three board members was …
Francis Moriarty: What are China's options in Hong Kong? WILLIAMSTOWN — What will China do to deal with the massive protests convulsing Hong Kong — especially as the demonstrations center on a sense of identity that is increasingly distinct …
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PITTSFIELD — Those of us who make the Berkshires our home generally take the weather for granted. To be sure, the winters can be brutal, but we're used to it and life gets back to normal in a … more
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BECKET -- I was sitting in my office the other night nursing an Ice Glen Vodka and waiting for somebody, anybody, to need my help. Lots of messy divorces in this hilltown Babylon. Sooner or later, … more
Fished from a stiff Old-Fashioned, the moonLolls on the sky that goes deeper blueBy the tick of the watch. OrLolls like a real brass button half-buttonedOn the blue flannel sleeveOf an expensive … more
BOSTON — For nearly 250,000 families in Massachusetts, more than half of every paycheck is devoured by rent. While Boston is responsible for some of the highest rents in the Commonwealth, … more
DALTON — It has been nearly 16 years since we shook the Cape Cod sand out of our shoes and headed back to the Berkshires. When we moved to Harwich from New Bedford in 1975, we used Bob's … more
NORTH ADAMS —"You definitely don't want to take care of your mom," said an attorney who was helping me to weigh my options and prepare paperwork for my mom's extended nursing home stay in 2017, … more
PITTSFIELD — With two recent mass shootings, one in El Paso, Texas, and one in Dayton, Ohio, within 13 hours of each other which left over 30 people dead, the tired, obstructionist pro-gun … more
WILLIAMSTOWN — More than nine weeks of increasingly violent and expanding conflicts between protesters and police have been rocking Hong Kong with no end in sight. The confrontations are … more
Give back my Mother.Give Grandpa, Grandma back;Give my sons and daughter back.Give me back myself.Give back the human race.As long as this life lasts, this life,Give back Peace Peace that will never … more

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