Kevin O'Hara: The barber and the bridegroom

PITTSFIELD — When Ralph and Jane Gleason of Otis, Mass., dismounted from their horse-drawn jaunting car after an exhilarating 45-minute excursion around the Lakes of Killarney, Ralph voiced one …

Jenn Smith: Looking for something to do this week? Thank your teachers During times of crisis, the way you respond is often due to the values that shape you. And during this time of crisis, I, like many, have been doing a fair amount of reflection and …
Mitchell Chapman: Coronavirus will shape politics for decades PITTSFIELD — In the 1950s, and '60s, school children had to practice duck-and-cover drills designed to protect from nuclear fallout, and fallout shelters were commonplace, even if such measures …
Ruth Bass: Jigsaw puzzling absorbs many hours for stay-at-homes One of the bones of contention in my family concerns jigsaw puzzles. Several close relatives insist that a puzzler must start with the outside edge. Their vehemence implies that some unknown amendment to the Constitution requires this, but they’ve provided no proof. I claim freedom of puzzling and never — well, almost never — start with the edge.
Technologically speaking I texted you; why didn't you text me back? And don't tell me you didn't get it. You got it. While many people grimace when they see a noun get verbified (verbified is a word, by the way), once …
Christine Macbeth: Don't try to go it alone PITTSFIELD — Everyone is feeling the terrible strain of this unprecedented crisis. We're deeply worried about the most essential aspect of life — our health and the health of those we …
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PITTSFIELD — America, until now, has been fortunate to have been served by presidents who have successfully dealt with great national, life and death perils. But now unfortunately we have … more
STOCKBRIDGE— Think tanks and government agencies produce a constant stream of reports about zoning and planning. They seem to seek a balance between the rights of property owners and the … more
PITTSFIELD — No one should be surprised we are facing a global pandemic like we are facing through COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. We live in an overcrowded world, where 55 … more
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Clellie Lynch EAST CHATHAM, N.Y. — "Quackclackquackquack." The eyes of the wood frogs appear on the rippled surface of our pond as they gaze around for a mate all the while seductively … more
WASHINGTON — It is now clear that we are at war with the coronavirus. While the people of our state need a range of help and assistance, one action we need to take is clear to me: we need a … more
Back on Jan. 15, I visited my financial adviser to see how our nest egg is doing, as I do every year. As usual, the conversation included speculation about whether a recession might happen … more
"[T]he Government of the United States... gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance," President George Washington wrote in 1790. BOSTON — There's no time like St. Patrick's … more
WILLIAMSTOWN — Let me tell a story about my snow thrower, which may have some bearing on the Rest of the River settlement and the Rest of the World as we know it. My John Deere tractor is … more
DALTON — I know some people think the world is going to hell in a handbasket named COVID-19, but I am a cock-eyed optimist and I know this too shall pass. I know that for certain because March … more

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