Mitchell Chapman: MCLA needs to do better

PITTSFIELD — On May 25, a black man named George Floyd was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer on video, inciting nationwide protests and a national conversation on race. On June 4, …

Dalton Delan | The Unspin Room: They say they want a revolution "You say you want a revolution." It was Lennon, not Lenin, who said that. He went on: "Well, you know, we all want to change the world." He had ironic detachment. He scorned the trappings of …
Paul A. London: Founders' insights predicted progressives' hard-line tact BECKET — As the 2020 election approaches, progressive ideas are gaining traction. These would expand the safety net for hard-pressed middle-class and low-income Americans, an expansion that is …
Carole Owens: In wake of Jean Kennedy Smith's death, mourning a past style of politic STOCKBRIDGE — Agree or disagree with their politics, thank every Kennedy for never degrading civil discourse; for always enhancing political rhetoric; for doing the job to which they were …
Ralph Gardner Jr.: Cookies for a pandemic GHENT, N.Y. — With the possible exception of toilet paper, nothing is moving faster off supermarket shelves than Oreo cookies and other junk foods, though I take strenuous exception to that …
County well-situated to fend off zombies PITTSFIELD — The COVID-19 pandemic has been an ongoing nightmare for the nation but what if a zombie apocalypse hit us on top of the coronavirus? How would Massachusetts stand up to an assault …
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WILLIAMSTOWN — Cancelling this summer's sessions due to COVID-19 is only the most recent in a string of indignities suffered by summer camps. By "summer camps," I mean the real kind, sleeping … more
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with their President, a decent respect for to the opinions of mankind … more
GREAT BARRINGTON — John Alexis Mudd and his wife, Antoinette F. "Netty" Hearn Manney Mudd, purchased a home on Boardman Street in Sheffield in 1909, in anticipation of his retirement from the … more
NEW YORK— I am writing this column knowing it will be just one more piece analyzing the country's and New York City's painful problem with policing. Dealing with the nature of the police I have … more
Last weekend, Princeton University announced it was dropping the name Woodrow Wilson from its school of international affairs and public policy and from one of its colleges. The president of the … more
DALTON — Long ago, Bobby Darin entertained us with the tune, "Splish, Splash," which opens with the lines, "Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath, long about a Saturday night." The new version in … more
PITTSFIELD — The 4th of July has been celebrated for many years as a major, patriotic holiday to commemorate the historic event in 1776 of the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the … more
EAST CHATHAM, N.Y. — Though Danny and I are continuing to shelter at home, I still rejoice in wandering the road at sunrise observing the many changes in the natural world as we move from a … more
GREENFIELD — On May 18, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched a Salvation Army-like charity drive asking the public for donations of money, food, and mobile phones to help an … more
DALTON — In the midst of a deadly pandemic made much worse by Trump's incompetence, and on the heels of the George Floyd murder and the overdue national awakening that racism is still with us, … more

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