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David J. O'Brien: Radicals on both sides widen abortion divide

HOLDEN — To Democratic elected officials and the citizens of Massachusetts.Abortion is back on the political agenda, once again threatening to poison our public life. Its renewal is fueled in …

Donald Morrison: Don't smoot the economy BECKET — Up, up from the murky swamp of half-forgotten things I learned in high school, a phrase recently bubbled to the surface: Smoot-Hawley. No, it's not a law firm, not a rock band, not a …
Tom Gerety: The Constitutional stress test NEW LEBANON, N.Y. — During the financial crisis of 2007-'08, the Treasury of the United States devised a "stress test" for banks, examining their assets with an eye to their ability to survive …
Long odds for Great Barrington horse racing PITTSFIELD — The Great Barrington Fair was one of the longest running agricultural fairs, running from 1848 until 1983. Like many agricultural fairs, it added horseracing in 1859, and this …
Anne Horrigan Geary: A heartening commencement DALTON — Hearing "Pomp and Circumstance" still gives me goosebumps. My own college graduation was half a century ago, and I hadn't witnessed another since 2000, but last weekend that all …
Kevin O'Hara: The medal not taken PITTSFIELD — My mother was a wreck when I left our Pittsfield home for Vietnam in April, 1969. Through tears, she repeated her untiring litany, "Keep good company, go to Mass when able, and …
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NORTH ADAMS — When I was a little girl, playing with my dolls, I always imagined that I'd be a mom someday. While my life went in another direction as I followed my dreams and had a career, I … more
GREAT BARRINGTON — It's creeping close to time to build a new shelf, so many parsers of Berkshires past have new books. Here are several:Maynard Seider's "The Gritty Berkshires: A People's … more
NEW YORK— My parents were Russian immigrants who came with their families to New York in the mid 1920s. I grew up with their stories about living in the Soviet Union as children. There were my … more
WESTPORT, CONN. — Nearing 98 in this paradise on earth, my mother likes nothing more than to linger over an ice cream cone in semi-silent bliss, interrupted only by the sounds of her slurping … more
EAST CHATHAM, N.Y. — Wandering through the streets of Prague amid tourists taking selfies (but not too many pics of the amazing antiquities and architecture), Danny and I find our way to the … more
HAYDENVILLE — Rep. Richard Neal recently released his fund-raising reports to the Federal Election Commission for his first quarter as chairman of the influential House Ways and Means … more
LENOX — He was the smilingest dog I ever saw. Also one of the hairiest. In shedding season, white fleece billowed around the house and yard like dandelion fluff. My wife was able to knit me a … more
PITTSFIELD — Ever want a world record? With prestige, potential brand deals, and fame, a world record can come with much allure. Since 1955, Guinness and its famous book of world records has been the leading authority on general world … more
LEE — In April 2019, at a House Financial Services Committee hearing, freshman Representative Katie Porter (D- Ia.) posed a question to JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. A JP Morgan Chase … more
DALTON — I've been growing plants in a garden since I was old enough to eat dirt. Now, I'm as old as dirt and the love of gardening is just as strong as ever. Too bad my bones are not. Because … more

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