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Donald Morrison: The perils of nationalism

MIAMI — It's a miracle I was ever born. My father, a bomber pilot in World War II, got shot up, shot down and almost didn't come home. He called himself lucky. I call him a victim of …

Robert F. Jakubowicz: Trump building wall on series of lies PITTSFIELD — Don't despair over the weather and the political turmoil. Major League baseball pitchers and catchers are reporting for spring training. This annual event is a harbinger of more …
Dalton Delan: A Valentine for Dad WESTPORT, Conn. — It was five years ago that my father passed away on Valentine's Day. His little joke, as in: remember me. How could I not? Every 14th of February finds me standing by him at …
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GREAT BARRINGTON — Quite a bit of fact-checking goes into some of these Our Berkshire columns, a task made immensely easier by the efforts of individuals and organizations that seldom get … more
NEW YORK — In the last couple of decades there have been a proliferation of black intellectual voices — novelists, activists, pundits and academics — most of them speaking and … more
MIAMI — My brother-in-law is an Uber driver in Springfield, Illinois. My nephew uses specialized software to do part-time legal work in Washington, D.C. My neighbors in the Berkshires rent out … more
PITTSFIELD — At a public meeting last Dec. 3 at Lenox High School, several hundred Berkshire residents spoke out in anger and frustration against the General Electric corporation. The reason … more
LINCOLN — Among the hundreds of thousands of federal employees furloughed during the record-setting partial government shutdown were those responsible for tracking pollution, safety hazards, … more
BOSTON — "Education means emancipation. It means light and liberty," the 19th-century African-American abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass said. "It means the uplifting of the soul … more
EAST CHATHAM, N.Y. — By mid morning in January near Frederiksted, St. Croix, the brilliant warm sun is already high in the sky glittering off the turquoise waters. Certainly at this latitude … more
WILLIAMSTOWN — Every year the U.S. State Department issues reports on the condition of human rights in other countries. Prepare for the incoming salvos that China will fire after the next … more
In case you didn't know, Feb. 5 marks Chinese New Year. If you feel like the last year has been a real dog, you're 100 percent correct. Thankfully, the Year of the Dog is coming to an end. We'll be … more
CHARLESTOWN — Even with our strong Massachusetts economy, small businesses face incredible odds of success. More so, small businesses owned by minorities, women, immigrants, veterans and … more

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