Maskless Great Barrington (copy)

The streets are once again filled with pedestrians, some with masks, some without, in downtown Great Barrington. The town’s Board of Health issued a local advisory that recommends using “good discretion,” and offered guidance to businesses.

GREAT BARRINGTON — With vaccination rates topping more than 90 percent in some age groups, the Board of Health has issued an advisory to “use good discretion” and kindness during the transition to a full reopening after the state lifted most COVID-19 restrictions on May 29.

Without elaborating on specifics, the advisory urges residents, businesses and visitors “to use good discretion with the excellent public health practices we’ve become accustomed to in the last year, especially while indoors.”

Meanwhile, the town has not seen a virus case in more than two weeks, Health Agent Rebecca Jurczyk said Friday. And well over half of residents age 12 to 29 in a cohort that includes Great Barrington, Alford, Egremont, Mount Washington and New Marlborough have at least one dose of vaccine; 93 percent of those 30 to 49 have had at least one shot; for those 65 and up the rate is more than 95 percent. The Eagle consolidated this state Department of Public Health data from the five towns to reduce statistical error.

The advisory also says the board and Health Department are available to consult with businesses and employers to help them abide by current local, state and and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations. Kindness also is recommended.

“Please keep kindness at the forefront of your mind when shopping, working, eating, or visiting our community,” said the advisory, which Jurczyk emailed Wednesday. “The last year has had unique mental and physical impacts on all of us and what would boost the well-being of our community most is mutual respect for one another.”

The panel drafted the advisory at its June 3 meeting the week after Gov. Charlie Baker lifted most restrictions, including mask wearing mandates.

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