On May 29, Massachusetts rescinded almost all its COVID-19 regulations, following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that vaccinated people no longer need to mask indoors or outdoors.

Since then, many Berkshire County residents are noticing that little seems to have changed; many still are wearing their masks. We asked readers if they were still wearing masks, even if vaccinated, and why. Here are the results: 

Poll: Are you still wearing a mask
If so, why?

On Facebook, our readers shared their thoughts on face coverings, if they still wear them and why. (Some answers have been lightly edited for clarity.)

Karylee Doubiago: "Depends where I am. Work (school) requires it. Some stores I'm more comfortable with wearing it. Outside and friends and family that are vaccinated: No."

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Bonnie Heisler: "I don't wear one now. I do tend to stay away from crowded places at peak times. That's my preference even before the virus."

Stephen Collingsworth: "Yep [I'm still wearing a mask]. I liked not getting the flu this year ... This may be something I keep doing."

Sara Barrett: "Yes [I'm still wearing a mask], vaccination doesn’t make you immune. ... I don’t trust people and I have Littles that need protection, as a parent it's my job to protect them."

Bob Scolforo: "[I'm wearing a mask] only when required."

Mary Rose: 'Vaccinated and yes, because if the past year has taught me anything it’s that people will put their own selfish whining before the care and protection of their community. I can’t trust the general population to be honest when they take their masks off in the store to actually be vaccinated."

Kevin Jason: "Nope. Vaccinated for a reason."