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North Adams police, Berkshire County Sheriff's Office warn of telephone scams circulating in the Berkshires

The North Adams Police Department and Berkshire County Sheriff's Office on Friday warned of two different telephone scams circulating in the Berkshires. 

North Adam Police via Facebook warned the public of a scam involving a male party calling from 413-664-1648, who claimed to be a public defender named Anthony Anderson. According to police, they contacted an unidentified elderly couple, claiming that their grandson was being held at Northern Berkshire District Court, and was being held on $10,000 bail they hoped to collect. 

Upon confirmation with the courthouse, police determined it to be a scam. The phone number used was found to come from a prepaid, untraceable cellphone. 

Police are warning those who receive a call from this number to not give away any personal information, or agree to submit any monetary amount. The public was encouraged to try to "ascertain as much information as possible" from the caller and report the call to either the NAPD at 413-664-4944 x 1 or to their local police department. 

Berkshire County Sheriff's Office

On Friday via Facebook, the Berkshire County Sheriff's Office warned the public of a telephone scam in which a male party allegedly impersonates a member of their office. 

"Sheriff Bowler and the staff at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office want to notify the community of a current scam involving our office," the post reads. "If you have received a call from a Lt. Troy Henderson informing you that you have an Arrest Warrant for Failure to Appear, please hang up the phone. We have never had an individual by that name employed at the Sheriff’s Office. Also, law enforcement would never call to inform you that such warrant is currently in your name."

According to the post, a staff member at the Sheriff's Office confronted the alleged scammer over the phone.

"One of our staff members actually made contact with this individual who is persistent that he works for our office," the Sheriff's Office post reads. "He informed our staff member that they also have a warrant and they will be placed under arrest for similar violations of the law unless they pay a fine which can be dealt with over the phone."

Those called by this individual should exercise caution and end the interaction as soon as possible. 

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